Chapter 1: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

I starting listening to the Audible book titled "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" written by Dr. Joseph Murphy. The author motivated us to use our Subconscious mind with numerous examples. In the 1st Chapter titled "The Treasure-house within you", the thoughts of the author revolve around this topic. His main motive in this chapter is to impart the difference between the Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind, How these parts work collaboratively, and what may become the consequences and effects.

Firstly, the author described the difference between Magnetise man and De-magnetise man, former knows the master secret of the ages which is "the marvelous power of Subconscious mind" and the latter will always be surrounded with negative thoughts like "I'm afraid, I can't afford it". This power can't attain, we already possessing it, the trick is how to use it. The infinitive intelligence imparts knowledge and eventually can help to find the ideal partner, mentor, course, career, etc. in its life span.

Law of your mind is Law of belief

Afterwards, the author discussed Duality of Mind and categorised the conscious mind as a rational mind and the subconscious mind as an irrational mind. Later on, the author used two separate analogies to exemplify how both the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind work together.

The First analogy is to assume your Mind as a Garden, soil as your subconscious mind, every day with our habitual thinking we keep sowing seeds in it. If we sow seeds like good actions, good thinking, equality, right actions then one can harvest glorious reaps.

Sow good seeds on your subconscious mind soil and reap glorious harvests.

The author termed thought as a cause and condition as effect. In order to change the external conditions, you must change the cause. Moreover, your subconscious mind is sensitive to your thoughts. The subconscious mind is reactive and responsive to your nature of thoughts whereas the conscious mind is meek.

Another analogy, take Conscious mind as the Captain of the ship, and Subconscious mind is like Enginemen at the Engine room, they don't aware of navigation, guests, management, etc. they are just recepients of orders from Captain.

Sequence Diagram be like this:
You -> Conscious mind -> Subconscious mind

Also, the author reiterates 10 points to carry out the treasure from within you, I abled to recalled six 😁:

  1. Treasure house is within.
  2. Subconscious mind has all answers to your problems.
  3. Subconscious mind builder of your health.
  4. Thought is a cause and condition is an effect.
  5. Never use words like "I can't" - the Subconscious mind takes it as a note.
  6. Change your thoughts change your destiny