Year end review: 2018

Happy end of 2018!!!🎉🎊❤️😘👯‍♂️🍿

  • Completed 1+ year in Falcon Agency.
  • Graduated from Udacity's Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree.
  • Certified from Google as a Mobile Web Specialist.
  • Learning JS Algorithms and Structures.
  • Started Pirple Course for Nodejs learning and its worth, as i solved multiple tasks in job too.
  • Can solve Rubik Cube now.
  • Had my first Kuala Lumpur Visit as Company's retreat.

Plan for 2019 (roughly)

  • Planning for AWS Certified Developer - Associate and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional Certification
  • Complete my Nodejs Learning.
  • Develop some cool projects using Raspberry Pi.